Installation Guide

Compatible Devices & Installation Guides.

Compatible Devices.

Set back and watch any of your favorite shows on these select devices.


Installation Guides.

In this section you will find the proper way to install on your fire stick or Fire Tv device.

1. From the Home Page of your Fire Stick, Fire Cube or Fire TV go to SETTINGS. 


2. Select DEVICE.  


4. Turn ON Apps From Unknown Sources & ADB debugging.


5. Go back to the Home Page of your Fire Stick, Fire Cube or Fire TV and click the SEARCH button at the top left and type in DOWNLOADER and download it.  

6. Click on DOWNLOADER and download it.  

7. Open DOWNLOADER after installed.  


9. ENABLE (Check the box) Java Script.  

10. Click HOME to go back to the Main Menu of DOWNLOADER.  

11. ENTER URL:  OR  (When you click on the bar, http:// will go away and that is OK).  

12. After SoPlayer has been downloaded click INSTALL and then OPEN.  

13. SELECT – PIN CODE and put in a Device Link Code (You can also select Username and Password. A good rule of thumb is if you are choosing the free trial and decide not to purchase be sure to log out of your account to keep from having to uninstall your soplayer device due to it being linked to your Mac address.

For video instructions click below.



Android & IOS devices are simple and  youwill be up and running in minutes!!


First decide which device you are going to use. If it is Android use google play. If it is IOS use the apple store.

Android users the first steps listed below.


In Google Play your app should be delayed as seen below. Link provided.



   Link provided below. 


If you use and IOS devices your app should look similar to what is seen below.



    Link provided below.

After you have installed the SoPlayer App type in your Username, Password, and Provider ID or simply put in your Pin Code (Device Link Code) to login and start. We prefer the username and password seems to work best. 




1. First download SoPlayer via Marvel Streams website or click below.

2. Click run to execute and start the download.

3. Once downloaded is complete it will appear on your desk top.

4. Open application and enter your credentials that were emailed to you when signing up.

5. As always you can enter username and password or your pin codes and your all set!





Helpful Tips & Tricks.

Many customers have issues changing from one provider to another  because of some of the settings in So Player. No worries. We got you! Click on link below:


Many people often have buffering with their Fire TV or Fire TV Stick and one of the first things that should be checked is the download speed on the device.  There are many reasons why your Fire TV or Firestick would have problems streaming and an Internet speed test will help with the troubleshooting process.

It is important to understand that you only need approximately 7-10 Mbps to enjoy a quality HD stream.  Also, most servers that you are streaming from won’t download much faster than that anyway, especially when using a Firestick or Fire Tv.  Many people get hung up on the notion that their buffering problems are caused due to the fact that they aren’t getting 50Mbps or higher download speed.   We would confidently make the claim that if your Internet speed is 10 Mbps or higher and you are experiencing poor performance, the culprit is the server you are streaming from and really nothing can be done about that. Luckily we got awesome servers. So no issues here!!

Hint:  If you’re trying to install large unverified apps, this could also take time when you have a slow internet speed. In addition, you can only complete it by side-loading or installing anything into your device without using the official app-distribution method from the Amazon App Store. WE recommend using a VPN to install such apps.

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  • NordVPN. An ultra-secure provider. 
  • IPVanish. Awesome secure provider.
  • Hotspot Shield. Fantastic VPN service for browsing online privately.
  • Surfshark. 
  • CyberGhost. 
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  • TunnelBear.